Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Big Clean Up

So you get a house and create a space to work in, over the years you add to it, buy storage and generally try and create a good working space…5 years on and its a mess. Stuff in boxes, in tubs, in containers, drawers, filing trays and cupboards.

You can’t find anything and half the stuff you have you forgot you had! I am a squirrel. I hoard away, thinking hmmm that might be useful one day or hmmm i like the texture, colour, shape, image and quick as you like its become part of the overall mess that is my studio.

So in an attempt to see 2012 be the year of realising dreams and goals, I am preparing my space, my tools and my materials. The piles are: keep and use, bin and forget, sell and recoup and finally give to charity!

Its slow, its hard but Its worth it I am sure? Anyway just now I am washing my button collection and sorting them out!

buttons 002buttons 004buttons 005buttons 012

buttons 014