Thursday, March 07, 2013

Speedy Update

Its been a busy few months in the studio. Work for 2 projects have been completed and sent off but the sketchbook project did not pan out as i could not afford the outlay for the sketchbook and membership!  I am also working on a number of new paintings and work for a possible exhibition in July as well as having work to sell online in my e- shops. After Christmas sales I literally have no more work left to sell and so it has been one of those OMG moments and dedicating more time to the studio instead of faffing around.

So the good news is that my donated artwork to the eightbyeight project for the Camille Appeal was SOLD within the first 45mins of reservations opening online – woohoo and a real ego boost I can tell you.

Back at home whilst all of this has been happening, I have also been decorating and sorting out my house – trying desperately hard to get it on the market and sold. I am adopting a gypsy lifestyle and travelling back to Bristol to see what fortunes can be had there. It really is a simple case of economics in these hard pushed and  jobless times lol!

There are other things in the pipeline but until there is something more to tell you, you will just have to wait :) Anyway in the meantime here are the new paintings and work.


Angel of Joy – Large Mixed Media Painting (private collection)


Spread Your Wings and Fly


Cat Love




Flower Faerie – SOLD  


Grumpy Bird - Sketchbook page


In the Garden


Jigsaw Piece for Stop Hunger Campaign

leaping-ailens-web-version masked-lady

                Leaping Aliens                                                                       Masked Lady – Sketchbook Page



Red Haired Girl – Sketchbook Page


  Indian Fairy – Photoshop Image


          Indian Fairy                


Blue Fox  - Sketchbook Page


Pretty Gorgeous – Sketchbook Page

               big alien

















       Big Alien


  1. Love the wings and all of the textured additions Tash x

  2. thanks Hazel - i am having a lot fun playing with materials and ideas x