Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mad March Hares

I love hares and their lanky majesty. There have been a few popping up in the doodle zoo and for sale on eBay and Etsy. But behind the illustrations are hours of prep work that help me understand how the body is put together, what kinds of movements are typical to that particular animal and generally the character of the creature I am about to draw.

Discoveries to date are that hares have a kinetic skull, that the boxing hares are not males as was once thought but male and females fighting - she is boxing him away from her. The females also box each other over territory. But also it is that they have a very muscular body, long ears but not as long as you might think and very big eyes.

I decided that i would accentuate these characteristics and make my hares more hare like - that is the prerogative of the artist!

here are some preliminary drawings that i did - i really like being able to scan them into Photoshop and flip them and see what they would look like - saves time and it is quite fun.

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