Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Green Man Commission

A lovely lady called Teri from Canada asked me to try my hand at a Green Man. Well of course i Said yes but then in doing so I was taken on a magical mystical research trip around the internet. I discovered that many different cultures have versions of him albeit by a different name.

Our ancestors must have been in awe of the natural world around them, so much so that the created stories, myths and religions based on the verdant splendour before them. Sadly there is no so much awe today and we are, as a species, hell bent on cutting things down, taming nature to our tune and destroying natural habitats.

My first Green Man was drawn with all of this in mind and he came out looking a bit sad and despairing about the current state of our planet.

Here he is in all his splendour.



Then after posting this on Facebook, another lady asked if I could also create one for her. She told me how she and her children would often go into woods and forests and look for the Green Man. A lovely family ritual that held many  memories.

Because she was living in Scotland I decided to give my second Green Man a more Celtic/Nordic feel to him. Again with the background story in my mind, I set to create another Green Man.


So both commissions are now with their owners and i thoroughly enjoyed creating both of them and even more so because the Clients were so overjoyed with them. :)

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