Sunday, July 27, 2014

I know I said…..

Arrghhhh i know i said i would be blogging daily but I just can’t do it ok. I just forget to do it or i am caught up in the making of art and everything else goes out of the window an the, oh i will do that later train of thought. However here is a quick catch up on the past few days….

1. I made art

2. i ate a lot of food

3. I suffered in this heat and my condition has flared up and now I am in a symphony of pain

4. I managed to make it to 44 years of age and my mother finally managed to get me a birthday card on my birthday.

I did discover a lovely artist called Kimika Hare who does illustration using embroideries – here are two of favourite pieces:


and here is a link to her website a great article about her on Illustration Friday


I promise to do better at this blogging lark but don’t hold your breath Winking smile

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Grey day, windy and raining….but these lovely Shasta Daisies have cheered me up no end. Shasta_Daisy_Alaska

Friday, July 18, 2014


Today has been a day of discoveries. My buddleia is in bloom, the bergamont too and the shasta daisies are superb. It has inspired me to create a new illustration based on mother nature. I also discovered plug in wireless doorbells which for me is just fab. No more batteries and such like!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today was a better day in terms of motivation. I sold 4 prints and got them out in the post…woo hoo! I tidied my kitchen as it was a mess and i cooked a nice meal. I also managed to do some online research. Today was a good day because despite feeling under the weather and looking slightly heat frazzled, a younger man made appreciative noises on par with a wolf whistle but not quite so crass! Ha one week away from my 44th birthday, with greying temples and gravity heavy body, yet that moment made me feel like 20 again!

So i found this quote by Andy Warhol and it is now my mantra – daily mantra – hourly mantra lol


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Today I saw the trailer for 20,000 Days on Earth and it got me thinking how many days I had already had on earth. So today is 16, 061 and it has been a waste of a day – lots of sleeping and playing on Facebook. Didn’t wash, ate crap and took pain killers. It has been sunny, it has been raining. My total achievement today was getting the bins out. Maybe 16,062 will be better?

I seem to be living more and more in my brain – daydreaming about making art and ideas for my home decor preoccupy me. Maybe this is an artists life but it is easy to get sucked into a vacuum of nothingness and to lose the motivation to move on, move forward and be productive.

16,060 was a better day and involved hours of work scanning, editing and compiling some more pages for a memorial book I am working on. I finished working at 2am and had completed and printed another section….but there is so much more to do.

I tell myself that today was a rest day but in reality it is a nothing day and I ponder on how many of these nothing days I have had. Too many, if I am being honest.  So at the end of day 16,061 I make a pledge to stop the nothing days and the day dreaming vacuum.

So welcome dear reader to the beginning of the new days of my life!