Sunday, July 27, 2014

I know I said…..

Arrghhhh i know i said i would be blogging daily but I just can’t do it ok. I just forget to do it or i am caught up in the making of art and everything else goes out of the window an the, oh i will do that later train of thought. However here is a quick catch up on the past few days….

1. I made art

2. i ate a lot of food

3. I suffered in this heat and my condition has flared up and now I am in a symphony of pain

4. I managed to make it to 44 years of age and my mother finally managed to get me a birthday card on my birthday.

I did discover a lovely artist called Kimika Hare who does illustration using embroideries – here are two of favourite pieces:


and here is a link to her website a great article about her on Illustration Friday


I promise to do better at this blogging lark but don’t hold your breath Winking smile

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