This is Me

Blue sea and white roses,
Pink daisies and seashells,
Tiny birds squabbling over seeds,

Mutley running free across the grass and grinning in his doggy way!
Cups of tea with warm shortbread biscuits - just yummy!
Colourful boxes and hidden treasure inside them.
Ditsy flower patterns and line drawings,
A well made porcelain ceramic bowl.

Making something beautiful from nothing.
Seeing the enjoyment my work brings to people.
Getting positive feedback and lovely comments.
Writing an article with passion
Sneezing loudly and relishing the moment!
Giggling and laughing until tears roll down my face.
The smell of clean bedsheets and autumnal nights.
Fresh snow that covers everthing in an unending blanket of white
Morning sunshine and real coffee.
Laying in my bed and reading a good book.
Being free to spend my days how I want.
Finishing a project and having a great idea!
Talking with my friends about art and life.
Dreaming about winning the lottery and how I would spend it...

All this is me and much, much more!

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